Factors to consider while buying executive chairs for your office

Buying office furniture is a crucial decision. The thing with buying office furniture is that people are willing to spend on desks rather than chairs. However, considering the number of hours the employees would be sitting on the chair and the effect such furniture can have on their overall comfort and health, you should focus on the chair instead of the table. If the office chairs are designed right, it would reduce health issues and make your employees more productive. However, you would have to get the furniture from the best executive chair manufacturer in Mumbai.

Make sure that the height of the chairs is adjustable

Among the many factors that need to be taken into consideration, this is the first one that comes to mind. You must be able to adjust the height of the chair. Why? So that your feet can touch the floor comfortably. It will, in turn, ensure that less strain is put on your back. You would want to make sure your desk can be accessed easily by your arms. It will make sure that your shoulders do not feel any tension. These days, such height adjustment has become a standard feature in all these chairs, considering how important it happens to be. The seat must be adjustable for both tilt and height.

Look for an adjustable backseat

Ideally, an executive chair must have an adjustable backseat to move the chair forward or back just as you wish. With such an adjustment, you would not have to sit too far backward or forward in your chair. It would reduce the strain put on your thighs. If the chair is ideal for you, it would be wide and deep enough so your employees can sit on it without discomfort. It should not put under pressure on the knees and back of the thighs. Taller people need deeper seats to support their longer bodies adequately.

Get chairs with armrests

Armrests are great for taking the strain off your shoulders and neck. When you rest your elbows on the armrests, you let the rest of your arms, straight up to the shoulders, rest and take it easy. Ideally, you would want the armrests adjustable as well. This is especially so when moving your chair out and on the desk. If the armrests are fixed they may collide with the desk and force you to stretch so that you can reach the desk easily.

Look if the chair provides lumbar support

We have concave lower backs. A good chair would be convex, as it is the only way to support that shape. If the backrest of the chair is contoured, it ensures that you do not end up slumping in the chair. This support would help protect your spine and minimize the strain on your lumbar disks.


To sum up, the most crucial factors influencing your choice of executive chairs will be adjustability height, tilt control, mobility, material and padding, and seat dimensions. The chair must come covered in materials that allow your body to breathe. Non-slippery and breathable fabrics will be the apt choice. Many people like the feeling they get from a fabric chair, but new materials such as mesh are easy to maintain and eminently breathable. Plastic and wood are not the ideal materials for office chairs as they can get uncomfortable quickly, and that is a strict no-no when you think of the number of hours you would spend on such a chair. Apart from these, look for chairs with casters and swivels. They must look good too, and should ideally come with a warranty.