The Rise of Innovative Food Serving Techniques in Oman

Oman lately has been witnessing a rise in tourism, a growing population as well as an increase in quick snacks and healthy foods.

In the coming years, the consumption of food is only going to increase. Further, there are many trends and factors which determine the supply and demand of food serving in Oman.

You should understand that presentation of the food is an important factor while the food is being served. This applies to caterers, fine dining restaurants, chefs as well as food trucks.

So, in this article, we would talk about the rise of innovative food-serving techniques in Oman. Let us have a look:-

Vertical Plating
In vertical plating, the ingredients of a particular dish are stacked over each other such that a tower-like effect is created. The following type of plating can be used for several dishes which includes desserts, appetizers, etc.

When the food is presented in the following style, then it looks visually quite appealing. The best part is that a lot of space can be saved on the plate. For instance, fruits stacked upon each other can turn out to be a great dessert.

Edible Bowl
If you want to add a playful element to a particular dish, then edible bowls are one of the latest trends which you can use. It is quite an innovative approach through which a lot of waste is minimized.

Chefs can make use of different ingredients such as vegetables, bread, and cheese as a form of serving vessels. The best thing about this technique is that discussion can be stimulated among the customers.

Deconstructed Dishes
In Deconstructed dishes, various components of a particular dish are separated and presented separately on a given plate. In this way, unique textures and flavors of an ingredient can be showcased. Moreover, it can prove to be visually striking as well.

Miniature Version
If miniature versions of different dishes are served, then customers can get diverse options. Likewise, they can taste several dishes without having to eat a full portion of the dish.

Also, if we talk about miniature versions of the dishes, then they can be quite pleasing to the eye and they can be served in several ways.

Interactive dishes
In interactive dishes, customers are involved when it comes to the presentation and preparation of the dish.

For instance, if we take the case of a DIY taco bar, then customers are allowed to create their tacos by selecting the topping and fillings of their choice. This can turn out to be a very engaging and fun way to present the food. Lastly, a sense of belongingness can be built among the customers.

Food that is served in Jars
Serving food in the jar is quite a popular trend going on these days. It provides a homemade and rustic feel to a given dish. Thus, chefs can make use of jars to serve desserts, salads, and cocktails. Also, jars are quite versatile and hence they can a perfect choice for any kind of outdoor event. Lastly, they are hassle-free to serve and transport as well.
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